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Announcements Nov 19th

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Thank you

for joining our website and being a part of it! Make sure to register to get alerts as things are being posted.

Thank you for also following on Facebook. You will be seeing changes to our facebook page. Join, comment, follow to get new information.

Moving forward there will be a couple of changes:

  • Weekly Newsletter will now be Monthly Newsletter starting the 1st week of every month.

  • Beginning the new year, we will be doing competency testing every three months. It will be under monthly competency testing.

  • Monthly Safety Newsletter around the 15th of every month.

  • There will be a tab for announcements. These posting can be at anytime we want to communicate with the caregiver/DCW promptly of new information.

  • There will be a new tab for the Community for Client and Staff resources. Take a pic at it there might be.

  • Monthly In-services will not change. We will be beginning fresh again in Jan for every month. This year some of our mandatory in-service was waived however every one we contract with, expect us to continue to run business as usual moving forward. It will be all on line.

I would like to announce what Maximum Care will be up to in the following month:

We will be closed the following Dates:

  • 11/26-11/27 Thursday Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

  • 12/24-12/25 Thursday Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  • 12/31-1/1 Thursday New Year Eve and New Year Day.

If there is an emergency

Don’t forget we are a phone call away. 610-264-2353, press 3 and after your done with your message press #. If you do not get a return call or text with in 30 min please do not hesitate to call us again.

Maximum Care will be out on the following dates taking a little something to show our appreciation. Must be Present to Receive the token. Yenica will be providing the TB shot. If anything is out of compliance this will be the time to get your file up to date.

12/8 9:30-12:30 pm Yenica and Keri will be at Bucks County. Panera in Doylestown. If the Panera is closed we will still meet at the parking lot.

12/9 9:30-12:30 pm Yenica and Pauline will be at Schuylkill County. McDonalds in Pottsville, across from the Fairlane Village Mall. If McDonalds is closed we will still meet at the parking lot.

12/15-16 9-4 pm Yenica and Maria will be taking care of the ABE Area at Maximum Care office.

Maximum Care is collecting donations for different community outreach programs!!!

If you would like to participate do not hesitate to call Maximum Care for further Details or drop it off on our Holiday collection box. Below are the things that we are collecting and the reason why.

Decorations for their homes will be due on Dec 4th.


Covid-19 as we know is back on the rise. Maximum Care is here for our workers and clients. If there is any need for PPE (supplies such as gloves, mask, hand sanitizers, thermometers and more) do not hesitate to call into the office. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Continue to use the

Monitoring Forms

this way you can keep yourself and clients safe. If anyone is feeling under the weather please call Maximum Care. Maximum Care has a nurse on staff with a team that will guide you on how to take the proper steps according to CDC guidelines at the time. As you are aware the guidelines change daily. The nurse and the team are dedicated to providing you with the latest change.

If you need further information on any topic feel free to contact Maximum Care and request to speak to Yenica Buskirk and I will be happy to assist you.



Make sure that you are putting the duties being performed at the end of every shift. Including when calling from clients home. If you need instructions on how and a dutie list please contact the agency and ask for Yenica. It can be mailed, emailed or text to you.

If you fail to put in the duties performed it can affect our payments.

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