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Helping Ukraine!



With the devastation happening in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of people are in need. According to the United Nations, more than 500,000 people have escaped to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova.

Many people fleeing have very little or nothing. They have no income, money, food, and becoming separated daily from their families. As an organization specializing in Caregiving, and the desperate pleas of so many worldwide, we must ask ourselves, if this was us, wouldn’t we want help! We can care by giving from afar by any amount of donation! We also do not know how far this attack on Ukraine may lead, and no country or person is exempt from the horrors of war, poverty, desperation, fear, and death.

As humans, we need to unite as one! There is no culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion, or geographical area that honestly makes us very different regarding the basic needs of survival, family, love, and our belief in a higher power, whoever that may be.

Maximum Care Inc. will donate money to Mercury One and its Nazarene Fund to help refugees as they arrive on safer ground. Let’s demonstrate the power of God by everyone standing together to help in any way we can. It all makes a difference!

We live in a different time, and everyone is financially struggling anymore, but not to the magnitude of many others who must flee their countries. Anyone interested can donate any amount to Maximum Care Inc. We will have a jar that the money will go in. Maximum Care Inc. will match the donations and send a check to Mercury One located in Irving Texas. If anyone is more interested in donating directly, you can go online to Mercury One.



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