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Jan 8th. PPE and EVV Regulations

All direct care worker is mandated to wear mask and shields while servicing clients.

If you need PPE please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Reminder to:

  • Continue to use social distance (6ft), from clients when possible, public.

  • Increase sanitation methods.

  • Monitor yourself and client. Keep an I eye on family members that come in contact with client and yourself. It does affect the client, as it can affect you.

  • Clients must wear mask. If they are in need of mask call the office and we will send it to them or you may pick up mask for clients.




If there is any issues with your clock in or clock out you must communicate with the office immediately. All verifications will no longer only be done by the office, it will be your responsibility to follow up with a singed timesheet by yourself and client.

If you are in need of timesheets pick up at the office or we will be mailing them out when necessary.

If you do not have a timesheet, or unable to get one, it will be your responsibility to write date, time, and duties on a piece of paper and have it signed by the cl and return to the office as soon as possible.

If any of the steps are skipped it can affect your pay.

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