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July 6th Weekly Newsletter

Thank you again to all for your continued support on keeping everyone safe and doing your part not to spread the virus!!!

Be a part of the Maximum Care website!!

Contact Yenica if you have anything you would like to see in the website. Topics, suggestions, comments, all open, as long as is within our policies, procedures and to enhance education.

Mask Order!!!

We hope you are staying well. We have continued to keep abreast of Covid-19 by following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PA. Department of Health, Department of Human Services, OSHA and Department of Labor guideline and safety recommendations. Our Commitment to update and train our DCWs regarding helpful information about community transmission and mitigation measures, as well as for evolving guidance on disinfection and other best practices for DCW and Participant’s protection has been our primary goal from the onset of this pandemic.

We will be sending out letters to all participants making them aware of the new order re: wearing mask.

Governor Wolf ordered to have all employees in each workplace (inside and out), to abide by wearing mask. The rule of thumb is that your mask protects the participant and the participants mask protects you. Maximum Care Inc. is mandating out Caregivers to mask while at work to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We have also been practicing Employee/Client self-screening and monitoring or temperature, signs and symptoms. If your participants are in need of mask call the office and we will mail it to them or you may pick it up for them. Client’s can also utilize handkerchiefs as masks. It has been found that utilizing cloth and double folding the material has been more helpful than not double folding cloth.

Moving forward, we are trying our best to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to supply all of our Client’s with DCW. By not following the recommended guidelines, will only result in the illness spreading, therefore, minimizing our ability to service our Participants consistently.

Be Safe when out in the community! While you are out with family, friends, participants, or working continue to use the 6 ft distance (social distancing), it has been put in place for everyone’s safety. When it is not possible to keep social distance make sure to wear your mask over your nose, mouth and chin. If out with participant make sure the participant is wearing a mask properly. There is proof, double masking will protect you from droplets while 2.5 feet apart. If any client refuses to wear mask for any reason please report to the office.

Many have tired of the pandemic and have let their guard down. Covid-19 is still very real and we want to make sure to do our part to control the spread.

Be Safe!!!

The Monitoring form must be done every shift.

If any questions please call Yenica “Jen” Muniz at 610-264-2353. The monitoring form is under the more tab and then the Covid-19 prevention & infectious control tab.

You can submit it to the office by either emailing or mailing them to the office.



Help us come up with creative things to do with our elderly! What do you do for your clients?

We would like the caregivers to take 20 min of their shift if possible, to do creative things with their clients. We are the first and maybe the last person our clients see in the day or even week. Loneliness is a big part of their lives. Let’s take some time to show them that we are not just personal care or home care but show them that they are not alone.

Creative Based Incentive Contest:

1. Come up with a creative and fun activity to do with your client

2. Call, text or email Yenica with the activity (610-264-2353, 484-781-4603, or

3. The office staff will vote

4. Winner will receive a gift card


Keystone supplying Covid-19 Care Kit!

Participants must be Keystone members. If they have either tested (+) for Covid-19, suspicion of Covid-19, or systematic but self-quarantine, participant or DCW can call Maximum Care.

The Covid-19 Care Kit will have the following:

  • Oral digital thermometer

  • Finger oximeter

  • Four 3/ply face mask

  • Hand sanitizer



We understand that as summer days, family activities, and holidays approach us, everyone would like to have their time off. All request time off must be put in writing.

Please follow the following steps to request time off:

  1. Give us as much notice as possible.

  2. Either request “The time off request form” or your letter for time off should include the following: Name of Cl, day of service and time.

  3. Email or mail the requested time off. Take note that we must put everything in the new system, even if time passes, we need everything in writing.

Open Work:

If you go under more on the home page then click on open work tab, it will keep you posted on hours that are available at this time and the areas. Call Staffing to enquire about the open work available.

Refer a caregiver to Maximum Care Inc.:

You will receive $50 after 100 hrs worked. (At least within 2 months).



EVV system must be used to make sure that there is no interruptions, delays, or problem with direct deposit. In the future your pay will not be able to be processed if you are not using the system.

If your schedule changes for any reason we it is your responsibility to call it in. This way we can fix any discrepancy to your schedule.

If you are having any problems with the system call and report it to Yenica “Jen” Muniz.


Compliance Reminder:

Make sure that your employment file is within compliance to continue employment with Maximum Care. Compliance is no longer waived with all the contracts. Example of things that must be up to date, all car information, CNA license, annual TB, annual physical. If any concerns or questions re: your file please contact Yenica “Jen” at 610-264-2353 or

The following dates are the conference calls:

Starting in July it will take place the 2nd week of every month:

  • 7/15 @ 2pm A thru L, 7/17/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

  • 8/12 @ 2pm A thru L, 8/14/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

  • 9/16 @ 2pm A thru L, 9/18/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

  • 10/14 @ 2pm A thru L, 10/16/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

  • 11/11 @ 2pm A thru L, 11/13/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

The phone number for the monthly teleconferences is 701-802-5077 with the access code of 6456087#. It will be considered long distance, please keep in mind when using landlines.

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