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June 1st Weekly Newletter

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Thank you to all the Front-Line Workers!!!


They might not have considered Homecare/Caregivers as the front line but we know that you have always been part of the front line and we are extremely grateful and proud of everyone that has continue to service our community. Without your care and dedication, many would have been left alone, no one to get them the necessities, no one to help them with personal care and so much more that you do for them.




Read all about it!!!

Be a part of the Maximum Care website!!

Contact Yenica if you have anything you would like to see in the website. Topics, suggestions, comments, all open, as long as is within our policies, procedures and to enhance education. __________________________________________________________________________________


Help us come up with creative things to do with our elderly! What do you do for your clients?

We would like the caregivers to take 20 min of their shift if possible, to do creative things with their clients. We are the first and maybe the last person our clients see in the day or even week. Loneliness is a big part of their lives. Let’s take some time to show them that we are not just personal care or home care but show them that they are not alone. Examples of what we can do:

  • Scrapbook: All the pictures that they do not know what to do with, or have them just thrown together in a box. Maybe we can help them put it together and let them tell you their story.

  • Home Bingo

  • Cards: Many of them love to play cards. You might even learn a new game.

  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood: when weather permits.

  • Play Dough: it can help their hands mobility, coordination, and conditioning. Play Dough has the kind that you can mold and let dry (arts and craft).



Make sure that your employment file is within compliance to continue employment with Maximum Care. Compliance is no longer waived with all the contracts. Example of things that must be up to date, all car information, CNA license, annual TB, annual physical. If any concerns or questions re: your file please contact Yenica “Jen” at 610-264-2353 or

The Monitoring form must be done every shift.

If any questions please call Yenica “Jen” Muniz at 610-264-2353. The monitoring form is under the more tab and then the Covid-19 prevention & infectious control tab.

You can submit it to the office by either texting it to Yenica “Jen” at the 484-781-4603, email, or by mailing it to the office. __________________________________________________________________________________

Re-Entering the workplace:

While many Direct Care Workers (DCW) continued to work with Maximum Care during the Corona Virus global pandemic, many Participants requested their services be put on HOLD, while DCW voluntarily self-quarantined resulting in not working for many weeks. During this period, the Company had continued working and enduring safety for those Employees and Participants working and receiving services.

Although the guidance has changed very frequently and many who were not working were following many of those updates through local or global news, Maximum Care Inc. had sent many educational communications out through text, mail, telephone and in-person directives to both Employees and Participants informing and educating all with recent guidance’s. We had also instituted weekly teleconferences in both English and Spanish for two months three times a week.

These teleconferences will be to educate and train our workforce on pertinent safety guidelines pertaining to critical events such as, mitigation of infectious disease and preventative measures. Maximum Care Inc. will have the Compliance Officer and the Company’s Supervisory Nurse facilitate each Training Conference.

Take the time to go to the more tab, click on Policies and Procedures, and finally click on Back to Work Rules. This will give you the steps to take when returning to work safely.

The phone number for the monthly teleconferences is 701-802-5077 with the access code of 6456087.

The following dates are the conference call:

  • 6/3, 6/5/2020 @ 2pm for all caregivers A thru L

  • 6/17, 6/19/2020 @ 2pm for all caregivers M thru Z

Starting in July it will take place the 2nd week of every month:

  • 7/15 @ 2pm A thru L, 7/17/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

  • 8/12 @ 2pm A thru L, 8/14/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

  • 9/16 @ 2pm A thru L, 9/18/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

  • 10/14 @ 2pm A thru L, 10/16/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

11/11 @ 2pm A thru L, 11/13/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

Open Work:

If you go under more on the home page then click on open work tab, it will keep you posted on hours that are available at this time and the areas. Do not hesitate to call Staffing to enquire about the open work available.



Creative Based Incentive Contest:

1. Come up with a creative and fun activity to do with your client

2. Call, text or email Yenica with the activity (610-264-2353, 484-781-4603, or

3. The office staff will vote

4. Winner will receive a gift card

Refer a caregiver to Maximum Care Inc.:

You will receive $50 after 100 hrs worked. (At least within 2 months).

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