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Oct 19 Weekly Newsletter-Let your light shine

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Thank you again to all for your continued support on keeping everyone safe and doing your part not to spread the virus!!!

Be a part of the Maximum Care website!!

Contact Yenica if you have anything you would like to see in the website. Topics, suggestions, comments, all open, as long as is within our policies, procedures and to enhance education.


Be advised, Maximum Care Inc., will be closed Nov 25th thru Nov 29th, 2020 due to holiday!


Make sure to check out our:


page!!!! All you have to do is go to the homepage and click on our f (Facebook)!! you are welcome to like our page. You can also let me know if you like the Information I am putting out through the website. Feedback is always welcome. You can even send me a personal message. Get involved, have a voice!


Stop on in and visit the MaxBucks Café!!! We will be happy to serve you. On us!!

We would like to do our best to be supportive of our workforce!!!


Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure. – Petrarch

Be the variety, be the cure, make a difference, let your light shine!

Being the Light for Others

The key is, loving ourselves. The darkest of days seem to be upon us: natural disasters in every corner of the world, hidden truths being revealed, our own personal crises. I believe we are all struggling somehow and some more than others. With so much that needs to be “done” in our world, to assist one another, where do we start? How can we help? I was speaking with a friend and I remembered something I have read over and over: “We cannot pour from an empty cup.” The best thing we can do is start with ourselves.

Be a pillar of light, not only for ourselves, but for others. As a pillar of light, we become the light on someone’s darkest days. Imagine pointing your face towards the sky, eyes closed, as the sun shines on your face, a smile starts to creep across your cheeks. How good does that feel?

That’s how we are to others when we shine our light. The best we can do is take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. When we glow, they glow, by standing in our light. Essentially, by being a pillar of light, we can be an example for others by showing them hope. They think “if they can do it, so can I.” How to be a pillar of light? Loving ourselves comes first. Don’t forget, lots of joy and laughter, heartfelt, exhausting laughter. Move your body by having a family dance party in the living room, walk along the beach, walk through your favorite park.

The problem is, we create so much more stress on ourselves by telling ourselves, we must do this and we must do that. By putting this undue pressure on ourselves, we suck the life right out of our joy. We put too much stress on ourselves for no reason. We make life harder than it needs to be. At least if we can start with the above, we’ll be further guided and the rest will fall into place. Be more concerned about creating more joy in your life than what you are eating.

- Kate Hutchinson Read more at:

Be The Light For Others AND Yourself

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one simply remembers to turn on the light"

Each day that we are given the gift of life, we are also given a purpose. Although we don't realize it, we are helping others in ways that we could never see or imagine. It's harder for us to speak up about the people we love and why we love them, but although you may not believe it, you are always making someone's day a little better. Regardless if they're having a good or bad day, you never know how much one simple act of love can impact someone. You never realize how much of a light you actually are for others.

Be a light by telling the ones you love, that you love them. We live in a world where we forget to tell people "I love you" because we just assume that they know. Often times people will feel undervalued and unloved without a sign and this is where we have to let them know that we love and appreciate them.

Be a light by spreading happiness and radiance. Whenever I see a friend who is optimistic about their day/life, I usually take a step back and realize that just because I started off on a bad foot, doesn't mean that my entire day has to be bad. Just because something bad is happening, doesn't mean that there isn't still good in the world. Surround yourself with people who embody happiness and laughter. They say that laughter is the best medicine and it truly brings out a beautiful glow in everyone.

Be a light by serving others. At times, we forget how privileged we are and we tend to take that for granted. When you serve others, you don't have to always volunteer. You can become an advocate the voice to thoughts and opinions of something you are passionate about. You can become a mentor for younger kids and help them grow through school. When we serve others, we also serve ourselves and we grow from it.

Be a light through empathy. Learning to empathize with others and truly value their feelings is a big step to strengthening a relationship and having a deeper connection. You can't just be there to be there when a situation arises; you have to listen and take a step back to make sure that the moment is solely focused on them, not you. You don't always have to know what to say during a time like this, but presence and comfort are two important aspects of showing empathy.

Be a light by loving on others immensely. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you are loved. This does tie in with letting people you know that you love them, but loving on others doesn't always have to be verbal as I've learned. Actions such as quality time, buying coffee or food, walking to class together, giving hugs or just sending a short text to let them know that you're thinking about them are great ways to show your love.

Be a light by reflecting on those who bring you happiness. When you see how much they give to you, it makes you want to give back to them. One of the best feelings is not being able to describe how happy someone makes you. Reflecting on how important they are in your lives is something to be so grateful for and something we should do more. With this, we realize who is supposed to be in our lives and who isn't.

Be a light by reflecting on yourself. When you actually take time out of your day to step back and reflect, it changes who you are. You realize what you do and why you do that particular action. Such as why you would buy coffee for someone else or why you would go out of your way to pick someone up and take them home. Reflecting on yourself and your actions brings you to the main focus of your purpose. If you have no purpose in life, then what do you really have?

Be a light by strengthening your self-love. If you can't accept yourself for who you are and how you were made, you won't be able to extend your confidence and love onto others. Self-love is so important, not only for us but for those who surround us as well. If we can 100% believe in ourselves, we can believe in anyone.

One of the definitions of light is an expression in someone's eyes! This is why a simple smile can brighten a day.

Have you ever heard they came into the room and the they just lit up the room? Well it is not that they looked amazing in the outer exterior instead it was the presence they brought into the room. Their light that beamed through and affected the room in an amazing way. Some call it good vibes, good energy, confidence, in all we can make a difference.

What are the synonyms for light? Take a minute to read them and understand what this means. Take it in! Understand the value you have. The difference that your light can make in others.

  • Illumination

  • Beam

  • Brightening

  • Brightness

  • Brilliance

  • Flame

  • Flash

  • Gleam

  • Lighting

At times the elderly spends a lot of time alone and have no one to make the difference in their day. We go once a week, three times a week, five days a week. The amount of time that we go and service them is not what matters. What matters is what we do while we are there.

Put yourself in their shoes! Treat and care for them how you would like your family to be cared for or treated. How can we make a difference in the few hours we have with them? Take initiative. Do we nickel and dime our duties, our time? Or, do we understand that by simply decorating for the holidays we can make a difference?

Is not putting extra time in, but using our time wisely to get their physical needs met while meeting their emotional side.

We are more than just a caregiver!


Announcements to assist our participants and family:

Memory Café:

Is just that!!!!

Café where the participants can sit with friends, by themselves and share some memories and anything current on their mind.

You can Google Memory Café and you will get a good idea. This is a free community service that the organization Morningstar Memory Café by Senior Solutions are providing and not meant to be sales pitch.

Diagnosis is left at the door – a time for fun, a time to laugh – even if it means laughing at yourself. Mild to Moderate Dementia and their care partner.

If you would like to volunteer feel free to call!

Letter will be sent to all participants updating them on the Covid-19 and any other communicable disease steps that Maximum Care Inc is taking to keep everyone safe.


Help us come up with creative things to do with our elderly! What do you do for your clients?

We would like the caregivers to take 20 min of their shift if possible, to do creative things with their clients. We are the first and maybe the last person our clients see in the day or even week. Loneliness is a big part of their lives. Let’s take some time to show them that we are not just personal care or home care but show them that they are not alone.

Creative Based Incentive Contest:

1. Come up with a creative and fun activity to do with your client

2. Call, text or email Yenica with the activity (610-264-2353, 484-781-4603, or

3. The office staff will vote

4. Winner will receive a gift card


Travel Recommendations:

The Pa Dept of Health has recommended that if anyone travels to certain states that they quarantine for 14 days. Due to the daily changes from CDC and Pa Dept. Of Health, call into Maximum Care for instructions in regards to your travel plans and the impact that it may have.

Maximum Care Inc is following the recommendations at this time. If any changes come up, we will be posting it in the website It is your responsibility to make staffing aware if there is any client’s that will need to be covered while you are out either in quarantine or vacation.

Follow the following steps to request anytime of:

  1. Give us as much notice as possible.

  2. Either request “The time off request form” or your letter for time off should include the following: Name of Cl, day of service and time. State where you will be going and for how long.

  3. Email or mail the requested time off. Take note that we must put everything in the new system, even if time passes, we need everything in writing.



At this time due to the use of the EVV system we understand that documenting is difficult. Call the agency with any concerns you may have that you would like it to be documented. Especially if a client is refusing personal care or assistance of any kind. Call the agency if you need guidance with a client or have any question on the care that you are providing or feel that needs to be provided.

Maximum Care has also developed a form that is recommended to DCW to fill out when taking any kind of payment for items from clients. Call and request the form to be mailed to you or come into the office to get the form.


Maximum Care Inc is under state regulations to follow strict guidelines to pay DCW and to bill for all visits.

Maximum Care’s Inc responsibilities are to make sure that everyone is using EVV properly, pay all DCW properly, and to bill for the proper authorized hours allotted to the participant.

We also supervise all clock in & clock out within the range and schedule time.

The system alerts Maximum Care if you clock in or out when you are not within GPS range. Example: you cannot clock in from the LV Mall when you are supposed to be in the client’s home. It will alert us and show us an address and map of your location when you clock in or out. If you are out of range this may cause delay of payment. If for any reason you need to clock in or out of range due to participant, you must call the agency and make us aware. For example: If participants have therapy, Dr appointments, dropping them of or picking up from a program, etc. Call Maximum Care for special instructions to ensure contractual permission.

It is your responsibility to inform the office, it is not Maximum Care Inc responsibility to call and confirm the “Why’s”. Maximum Care can reject the visit until further investigation is done which will delay your payment.



Open Work: If you go under more on the home page then click on open work tab, it will keep you posted on hours that are available at this time and the areas. Call Staffing to enquire about the open work available.

Refer a caregiver to Maximum Care Inc.:

You will receive $50 after 100 hrs worked. (At least within 2 months).



EVV system must be used to make sure that there is no interruptions, delays, or problem with direct deposit. In the future your pay will not be able to be processed if you are not using the system.

If your schedule changes for any reason we it is your responsibility to call it in. This way we can fix any discrepancy to your schedule.

If you are having any problems with the system call and report it to Yenica “Jen” Buskirk.



Read the Fire Safety Training Monthly Newsletter to develop safety at the forefront of client/employee daily activities.

Keep an eye open for the Direct Care Worker (DCW) Safety Implementation Form. Remember you are our eyes and ears; with your assistance we can continue to keep everyone safe.



Make sure that your employment file is within compliance to continue employment with Maximum Care. Compliance is no longer waived with all the contracts. Example of things that must be up to date are: all car information, CNA license, annual TB, annual physical. If any concerns or questions re: your file please contact Yenica “Jen” Buskirk at 610-264-2353 or

The Monitoring form must be done every shift.

If any questions please call Yenica “Jen” Buskirk at 610-264-2353. The monitoring form is under the more tab and then the Covid-19 prevention & infectious control tab.

You can submit it to the office by either emailing or mailing them to the office.


Stay Connected!

There will be a set date and time where the caregivers/direct service worker will be able to contact the agency once a month. During the call they will be able to express but not limited to any concerns regarding their job, client, safety, etc.; complaints, grievances, training and/or web site suggestion. Our goal is to keep the lines of communication open between employee and employer.

  • 10/14 @ 2pm A thru L, 10/16/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

  • 11/11 @ 2pm A thru L, 11/13/2020 @ 2pm M thru Z

The phone number for the monthly teleconferences is 701-802-5077 with the access code of 6456087#. It will be considered long distance, please keep in mind when using landlines.

*****There is a new phone policy under Policies and Procedures. Read, sign, and submit to compliance.

Maximum Care will be sending new Policies in the mail. Please read, sign, and submit to compliance. Keep policies for your record and return the sign of form of the policy.

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