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October Safety Newsletter

Maximum Care

Safety Newsletter

October 2020

Topics include: Winter Weather, Safe Driving Tips

Winter Weather

As winter approach here are things to keep in mind while dealing with the elderly.

1. Older adults can lose body heat faster than when they were younger.

2. It is ideal for them to have their heater set at least 68–70°F (too save money they can shut off unused rooms)

3. Check on them during cold days

4. Make sure they dress appropriately for weather when going out

5. Keep them dry because wet clothing chills their body quicker

Some reminders to keep in mind during the winter.

1. Allow extra time when traveling

2. Do not shovel snow or ice for participants

3. Watch your steps and walk slowly

4. Don’t stay out in the cold weather to long. If you are going to be out in the cold weather for a prolonged period of time you should stay dry because wet clothing chills your body quicker

5. Remember that the cold weather feels colder then the actual temperature because of wind-chill

Safe Driving Tips

1. Wear your seat belt

2. Drive the speed limit


4. Pay attention to other vehicles around you

5. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

6. Always use your turn signals.

7. Pay attention to all signs

8. Before pulling away from a stop sign or out of a driveway always look left-right-left


a. S- scan

b. A- access

c. F- find

d. E -execute

If you have any ideas for future Safety Newsletter Topic contact Keri @ or call the office and ask for Keri.

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