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Everyone Should have a safe place to live. Maximum Care Group has put together some suggestions to ensure that your home is a safe environment. You can prevent injuries by the following these safety tips.


  • Keep throw rugs away from your. living space so you don't trip over them​.

  • Keep passage ways clear of clutter

  • Do not use extension cords that are frayed.

  • Do not overload outlets.

  • Do not have extension cords lying across your walking area.

  • Don't let spilled water lay on the floor.

  • Install bars in your bathtub area so you can hold onto them when getting in and out of the tub.

  • Do not use candles in your house.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and make sure it is fully charged.

  • Install a s more detector in your home and keep extra batteries on hand.

  • Also keep a flashlight close by in case of poor outages.

  • Use a step-stool instead of a chair to climb.

  • Keep a nightlight on during the night. 

  • Keep a first aid kit in your home. 

  • Keep all mechanical equipment checked and maintained.

  • Keep pets in appropriate areas and parasite free.

  • Know what to do if a fire breaks out or there is a natural disaster. Have an emergency plan and make sure you know what to do.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings. don't allow anyone you don't know into your home.

  • In the winter, make sure someone shovels your snow and keeps your walkways and steps clear of ice and snow.

  • Fix any broken steps, rails, or sidewalks.

  • Try to keep insects or rodents out of your house. This can be done by making sure there are no holes in your screens, walls, roof, etc.

  • Keep all medication secure and not laying around.

  • Use Universal Precautions.

  • Keep cleaning solutions in a separate place away from any flames or heaters. 

  • Always call 911 in case of fire or explosion. In the event of a fire or explosion, there is a possibility of additional explosions. 

  • In case of fire, remember R.A.C.E and take the following steps:

  1. Remove -Move participants and others away from immediate danger.

  2. Alarm -Go to the nearest phone or fire alarm and contact the fire department.

  3. Confine -Close doors and windows to help prevent smoke and fire from spreading.

  4. Extinguish -Try to put out small fires only and only if you have been trained and have a clear escape route.​

Be safe and happy, ​think and use the safety tips to avoid disasters.  

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