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EVV System - Posted March 9th, 2021

To all DCW:

Moving forward, you will be held responsible for following the correct steps on how to log your hours worked. These steps are in place to assist you in getting paid without delay.

The EVV is a state law. It is not a recommendation, convenience, etc. It is a requirement implemented by the state that we must follow as a contracted provider. If the EVV system is not being used, it can go from us not being reimbursed for services provide and go as far as services for the client being put on hold until further investigation is taken place.

The following are the steps to take. If you have any questions, concerns, reach out to the agency.

  1. Maximum Care Inc. Direct Care Workers must follow the requirement of Clocking in and Clocking Out by either the Mobile Home Health Exchange App. or the Telephony System. In cases where additional verification may be warranted, a Timeslip will also be mandated. Workers will be notified of the Timeslip requirement at the time of additional verification/audit of the Direct Care Workers “Time-In and Time-Out.”

  2. At the time of On-Board Orientation, the Employee will receive an identification badge with their 6-digit identification number, which can be used to call from the client’s phone, including a task sheet with task numbers. The task numbers will be put in at the end of each shift to demonstrate what services were provided while servicing the client.

  3. Employees will be asked to sign an acknowledgment verifying they understand and comply with the mandatory policy and procedure to verify Client services, billing, and payroll purposes.


  • Any Schedule Changes

  • For example, any problems that may occur with the system are unable to connect either via phone or DCW’s app.

  • Forgets to use the system

  • The client does not answer the door or is in hospital

The system will alert Maximum Care Inc. if the Employee’s Clock- In and Clock-Out is not within the authorized GPS range. For example, the DCW cannot “Clock-Out” from the Mall when the DCW is scheduled to be at the client’s home. The GPS option will alert Maximum Care Inc. and provides an option to show us the “Out-of-Range” address and map where the DCW is “Clocking-Out” from. When Employee is out of range for no valid reason, corrective action will be implemented, including termination. Maximum Care will not compensate a DCW if the DCW is not working where he/she is scheduled to be working and verified. If the reason is valid for the GPS to be out of range due to a Client errand, different client locations such as Doctor’s appointment, the DCW is responsible for promptly informing Maximum Care Inc.

Maximum Care Inc. does have the right to reject a visit and not compensate the DCW for any services that cannot be verified.

Maximum Care DCW will use the telephony system if they prefer over the app if the app is not working at the time of service being provided :

When the Mobile App. is not working correctly, the DCW will use the Telephony System using the 6-digit number provided by the office. The DCW will ask the client to use their telephone to “Clock-In if the DCW’s Mobile App. is not working, or the DCW does not have a smartphone to download the Mobile App.

The DCW will complete the following steps when using the Telephony Method to “Clock-In and Clock-Out.”

To Clock In:

Step 1. Call the Number 1-866-466-1282.

Step 2 Call-In and Press 1 to Clock- In.

Step 3 You will put the assignment number that the office provides to you. Each

The Employee will have their number; therefore, please make sure to call the number if misplaced. This number is a 6-digit number. Any work you do will not register until the number is provided, resulting in the Payroll Department not receiving the required information to bill and compensate the DCW on time.

To Clock Out:

Step 1 Call the Number 1-866-466-1282

Step 2 Call-In and Press 2 to Clock Out

Step 3 The Employee will put his/her assignment number generated from the office. Therefore, each Employee will have their number; therefore, please make sure to call for the number if misplaced. It is a 6-digit number. Any work that the DCW does will not register until the number is provided, which will result in payroll not receiving the required information to process billing and payroll accurately and on time. This can result in the DCW not receiving his/her paycheck on time.

Step 4 Enter duties (Task Code Available if misplaced, please call the office)

Step 5 DO NOT continue if you have not entered the duties successfully. Press 000 after entering your duties. It will let you know it was successful, and you can hang up.

If the client does not allow the employee to use his/her phone for the telephony method, it is the responsibility of the DCW to inform the office promptly. If you cannot download the HHA Exchange, it is the responsibility of the DCW to inform Maximum Care Inc. If at any time the Employee is having trouble “Clocking-In and Clocking-Out,” it is imperative the Employee contacts Maximum Care Inc. immediately. In situations where further verification is needed, a timeslip will be asked of the Client/Employee to be sent into the office promptly.

Timesheets are the last resort to be used.

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