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In-Service 2021


The Yearly Mandatory In-Service is HERE!!!!

You will get paid, receive a token of appreciation and join the door raffle!

You show up and we put your name in the raffle,

that SIMPLE!

Get refreshments!

Opportunity to update all documents and get acquainted with office staff.

Flexible hours for all to be able to come and join us!

Call in and make arrangements! We will assist you and work around your schedule if it doesn’t fit the schedule posted.

ABE area November 8th through 12th 9am to 6pm

Bucks November 10th 10am to 2pm

Schuylkill November 9th 10am to 2pm

(Bucks & Schuylkill are more than welcome to join us at the office to get acquainted with the office staff.)

Raffles will go off on November 15th, 2021

Good Luck!

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