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Let's Come Together!!! For Our Clients

All hands on deck. WE are looking for everyone to take an extra 2 hours each a week!

Doing Wellness Checks on clients who have not been receiving any care in several weeks! We want to make sure that all our clients are getting the immediate help they need.

We are asking that you Observe when you arrive if there are any immediate concerns such as needing food, possible skin breakdown due to lack of personal care, signs of depression due to being alone, etc... Report it back to the office. The office will then develop an immediate plan to take care of the immediate need until we can get a regular direct care worker in place.

As a direct care worker, you are responsible for advocating for your clients!

An advocate is someone that publicly recommends or supports.

As a direct care worker, you will be responsible for being the “Eyes and Ears” for the clients you service and the agency.

Each shift you service your clients is your opportunity to see if their needs have changed. Suppose there is an easier way for them to grow, develop, learn, etc. If certain items or services required can better assist or better the client's lifestyle, let the agency know. Examples, but definitely not limited to:

  • Activities to help them with cognitive thinking, motor skills, etc.

  • They no longer have a steady gait and need a cane/walker

  • The bathroom now needs a shower bar or shower chair

  • A commode to go over their toilet to assist in getting up and down from the toilet

Many things can change their lives. At any given moment, things can change, and there are ways to assist. We need to be told what the need is. All changes, no matter how small or big, must be reported to the agency immediately. Remember, client safety is our top priority. All incidents, whether small such as a cut finger or larger as a fall, abuse, neglect, must be reported as soon as possible to Maximum Care.

You would call the direct number 610-264-2353 and make the agency aware that you must report either a change or an incident. You will be guided in the right direction and to the right person.

You are your client and our extension to quality care!

Direct Care Workers are mandated, reporters!

The mandated reporter is a person who, because of their profession, is legally required to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect to the relevant authorities.

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