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Quality Management

Quarterly Quality Management

Quality Management's goal is to come up with plans to better service and support our Participants. While providing quality care.

Our goal for the year was to reduce hosp. by 30% which totals 31 falls for the year (until June 30th) and falls by 3% which totals 10 for the year.

        i. Hosp. as of the 2nd Quarter we have gone over our goal. Q1 & Q2 total was 44.

        ii. Falls as of the 2nd Quarter total was 6.

        iii. Education was sent to all Participants on how to avoid hosp. and falls. Keri put together nice flyers.

        iv. Education was also sent to DCW through - Go to announcements to see the education on how to help Participants prevent falls and hospitalizations.

Ways to accomplish goals:

  • Report any changes your Participant is experiencing, for example, unbalance, forgetfulness

  • Let the team (Office) know if there is something that is preventing the Participants from living a safe and healthy life, for example, no food in the home

  • What are the items that are preventing the Participant from living free from hospitalizations and falls, for example, cluttered areas that need to be free from it

When in doubt report it!

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