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Winter 2022 Safety Newsletter



Holiday 2022 Edition

Topics include: Kitchen Safety: Injuries in the Kitchen, Sharps safety and Fire safety

Kitchen Safety

As the holidays approach most of us will be spend extra time in the kitchen cooking and baking. It is important to keep some things in mind. The following topics, we will be discussing can also go for everyday cooking and while you are with client doing their meal prep.

Some important things to keep in mind are Make sure you are using a good cutting board. If it does not have rubber feet on it you can use a damp cloth underneath it to prevent it from slipping around on you. Take your time when chopping up items. Protect your fingers by keeping them curled in and never cut food while it is in your hand. When using a potato peeler peel away from you. Never store chemicals above food, chemicals can leak on to the food and contaminate them.

Injuries in the Kitchen

Injuries can happen easily while cooking. The two main types of injuries are cuts and burns. Always remember if you get injured on the job to REPORT IT ASAP!

Cuts- Best practice for minor cuts is to wash it under cool water, then cover it in a stile bandage and if available use an infection protection such as triple antibiotic ointment. If the cut is too deep and it cannot be controlled by washing it under water, you will then need to seek medical attention.

Burns- there are 3 different types of burns.

1st degree Burn: this is the mildest type of burns most common symptoms are have redness, tender skin and are painful

2nd degree Burn: Blisters may develop and it is very painful

For 1st and 2nd degree burns run under cool running water for 10 minutes, after wards put on a clean dressing leave it dry do not put any grease on it even medicated ointment.

3rd degree Burn- the affected area might turn white, brown or have charred tissues and is often surrounded by blisters but not too much pain.

For 3rd degree burns seek immediate medical attention.

Do not break any blisters, if clothing is burned remove any that is not stuck on the burns. Remove any jewelry from the burned area before the area swells. Such as a wedding band.

Sharps Safety

There are 2 main types of sharps someone may use in the kitchen and they are knives and scissors.

Knives- there are many rules you should go by when dealing with a knife and cooking here are a few. Make sure the knife is of good quality and sharp. Use the correct knife for the job you are doing. When carrying a knife, the safest way to do so is to hold the knife down with the blade facing behind you.

Scissors- Use the correct scissors for the job. Always close the scissors before moving them. Carry them tip down and hand them to someone by the handle first.

NEVER try to catch scissors or knifes as they fall.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety tips. Make sure everything is turned off in the kitchen before leaving it. Do not leave stuff laying on the stove top. Remove lids off hot pots facing away from you using a towel or oven mitt. Then set the pot lid on a towel to warn others it is hot. Always keep pot and pan handles facing in especially around kids or pets. Make sure you do not have any dangling sleeves. When putting food in the microwave make sure all items are microwave safe.

Most kitchen fires are caused from oil or grease. It starts to smoke as it gets hot but will burst in to flames fast. To put out a grease fire NEVER use water, use a damp cloth or smother it with a pot lid.

Fire extinguishers are good to have on hand but do not keep it right next to the stove. When using a fire extinguisher keep the following in mind…..

1. Pull the pin

2. Aim the nozzle at base of fire

3. Squeeze handle

4. Sweep from side to side

5. Call 9-1-1

If you use a fire extinguisher even if only a little bit of it make sure you get it service and recharged.

Hope Everyone has a Happy and Safe Holiday season!

If you have ideas for future safety newsletter contact Keri at 610-264-2353 or by email:

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