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August Safety Newsletter

Maximum Care Inc

Safety Newsletter August 2020

Topic: Reporting Client issues to the office & Keeping them Active


If a participant falls when you are with them it is very important that you follow these steps.

If the fall occurred when you were not present skip to step number 4.

1.) Make sure the client is ok

2.) Ask the client can get their self-up *if so skip to step number 4.*

3.) Call 9-1-1 for lift assist (they have the right to refuse treatment once the squad arrives, however DCWs are not allowed to help participant up. There be injuries that we are not able to see.)

4.) Report to the office

a. When it happened?

b. How it happened?

c. Did anyone witness it?

d. If there was any injury?

e. Did they go to hospital?

i. Who transported them?

ii. Name of the Hosp?

iii. Did they get admitted?

iv. How long were they there if they got admitted?

It is very important to report any and all fall related to the client because there could be an ongoing issue. If too many falls, agency can make report to support coordinator (SC). They may need extra hours but if there was no reports made there is nothing the agency can show the support coordinator. An injury or bruise can also surface after the fact and if there is nothing reported you could be investigated for abuse or neglect.


Abuse is more than just physical. I am going to go over some examples but not limited of some that you might find with our participants and some of the signs. YOU MUST REPORT ANY SUSPICION OF ABUSE OF ANY KIND AS SOON AS YOU FIND OUT! It is your responsibility as a DCW to report it to the agency and then we will pass it on to the appropriate channels.

1. Physical Abuse

a. Fear of a specific person

b. Unexplained Bruises or injuries

c. Depression

d. Always being sorry

2. Psychological/Verbal Abuse

a. Fear of a specific person

b. Depression

c. Always being sorry

3. Neglect

a. Unusual weight loss

b. Malnutrition

c. Dehydration

d. Being left dirty or unbathed

4. Self-Neglect

This would be if the person is choosing for themselves the following but not limited to:

a. Very poor personal hygiene

b. Refusing to bath or let someone help if unable to do so for themselves

c. Unkempt appearance

d. Lack of essential food, clothing, or shelter.

e. Not paying bills

5. Financial or Monetary abuse

a. Money going missing

b. Being given an allowance

c. Bills not being paid by a POA

d. Someone taking their property without permission

Change in behavior

It is important to know your clients and their behavior. Report any change in behavior to the agency. Simple changes in their behavior can be indicators of major health problems.

Example: We had a client in bucks county that was starting to not eat much, not able to have a BM for a few day and had belly pain the DCW knowing this is off contacted the Dr. office they said to try having him drink Gatorade and take MiraLAX . After a few days this did not help. The DCW showed up one morning and he was throwing up she called his POA, who came and together they convince the client to go to the hospital. DCW helped the POA get the participant in the car to go to hospital. Participant ended up having fluid in the chest and within two weeks unfortunately this client passed away. This shows that the smallest thing can be an indicator of something major.

Keep Them Active

Keeping them active and moving when possible is good for their mental health. Below are some suggestion in how to keep them active.

1. Assist them in going for a walk, this will help them get some fresh air. If they cannot go outside and live in an apartment building you can take them around the hallways. If the are in a wheelchair you can always push them around.

2. Find an activity they like to do that you can do with them, some examples. (a limited number of activities are available at the office. Call Keri or they can be bought at the dollar store.)

a. Crossword puzzles- it can help their minds

b. Playing card or another game they like

c. Coloring, some adults, epically the elderly enjoys it

d. If they cannot move much but can-do stuff with hands Play Dough or Silly putty can work with their motor skills.

e. Maybe they enjoyed cooking and you can find simple recipes to help them with.

Any safety related questions or if you have anything safety related that you would like to see in the upcoming months please call Keri or send an email to

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