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March 2021 Safety Newsletter 3/30/21



March 2021

Topics include: Personal Safety, Communicating with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Tips for personal safety

Here are some tips to help keep you safe during travel to and from Clients’ homes.

  1. Confirm with Clients by phone before you visit.

  2. Most importantly, make sure someone knows where you are at all times.

  3. Lock your bag in the trunk.

  4. Make sure you have detailed directions to a new client's home.

  5. Have an extra set of keys in case you lock yours in the car.

  6. Keep your car in good working order and the gas tank full.

  7. Pull onto the shoulder or into a parking lot rather than trying to simultaneously drive, talk on the phone and read directions.

  8. Keep your car windows closed and your doors locked.

Here are some tips to keep you safe while in a Client’s home.

1. Always check for trip hazards like wire or throw rugs.

2. Keep a wide base of support while lifting.

3. Wear proper foot ware like sneakers or other shoes with a closed toe.

4. If there is a pet in the house that gets in the way, ask them if the pet can be put in another room while you are there.

5. Always use you PPE

a. Masks

b. Gloves

6. Wash your hands often!

7. Always be aware of what is going on in the home.

8. Repot anything that seems unsafe!

Communicating with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Dealing with the elderly often mean dealing with individuals who have trouble hearing or can not hear at all. Below are some tips to help you communicate with them.

1. Always face a deaf person. Make eye contact and keep it while you are talking.

2. Check noise and lighting. Turn off or move away from background noise.

3. Keep your distance.

4. Speak clearly, slowly and steadily.

5. Take turns.

6. Repeat and re-phrase if necessary.

7. Write it down!

8. Tap gently on the shoulder to get attention.

9. If beyond the reach to tap, wave in the air until eye contact is established.

**If you have any ideas for future Safety Newsletter topics, please contact Keri at 610-264-2353 or**

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