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Medflyt Instructions!

Medflyt Instructions

To download the App, go to the app store on your phone to download apps. i.e., Appstore, google play.

  1. Search Medflyt; it will be a blue square with a white heart and a plus sign on it

  2. Sign up using your cell phone number

  3. Fill out the information, i.e., address, make sure it is the same as we have on file

  4. Sign out and sign back in, create a 4-digit pin and confirm it (this will be your password to sign in with)

To clock in or out:

  1. Log in to the App

  2. Click on assigned, from the home screen

  3. Find the visit on the list of visits you are scheduled for

  4. Click the clock in or out to confirm the location

Recording the task done for the day:

  1. Go to your visit before clocking out and click on the arrow to the right of the visit

  2. Click on the duty sheet

  3. Click done on the ones accomplished for the day

  4. If you have any notes to make under any of the duties, you can click on add note and document your concerns, refusal of services. Make sure to call your concerns into the office even though it was reported in the App

To call in or out Using the client’s phone:

  1. Call 1-833-752-1822

  2. Press 1 for English or the number that represents your language, for example, 2 for Spanish

  3. Press 1 to clock in or 2 to clock out

  4. Enter your cell phone number as the 10-digit code

  5. When you clock out, put in your task numbers

  6. Once you have entered all the task numbers for all the duties performed, you may hang up

If you need a list of tasks numbers, please call the office at 610-264-2353

**It is imperative to notify the office if you change your phone number for either the App or 800# before you clock in.**

Broadcasting: You will be able to pick up cases by looking at your app and seeing what is available in your area, at your open times, available days, and much more!

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