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September Safety Newsletter




Topic: Fire Safety

There are two important acronyms to keep in mind for fire safety.

The first one is RACE this stands for

Rescue anyone if possible, without putting yourself in danger. If you cannot rescue someone, know which room they are in so that you are able to make the fire fighters aware of their location.

Alarm anyone else in building and call 9-1-1

Confine the fire by shutting doors to the rooms as you exit each room. It can help firefighters know that the room is empty and stop the spread of the fire. Then shut the front door when exiting the building. Do not lock any doors, this will make it easier for the firefighters to clear the rooms.

Evacuate or Extinguish evacuate the house if you have a clear way out. If the fire is small enough you can use a fire extinguisher to try to put it out. This brings us to the next acronym PASS. Pass is used with the use of fire extinguishers.

Pull the pin out the hole Aim at the base of the fire Squeeze handle Sweep side to side


  • Check to make sure outlets are not overloaded.

  • Keep wires out from under rugs.

  • Pay attention for any gas smell.

  • Check to make sure wire and plugs are not melting or fringed.

Remember if there is ever a fire Stop, Drop and Roll!!!

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